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The Gift Received by Giving It...

This week was an interesting week for me. I feel like there were a lot of small lessons learned, but the one that really stuck was this. Love is a filler...let me explain. No matter what concerns people had this week, I noticed they all could be asked this simple question. What do you really want...and I mean in life? What is your greatest desire? Many people didn't or couldn't answer it. Many even said they had never been asked such a question. It shocked me to be honest. Some only gave answers about what they didn't want. Do we really live each day not asking ourselves what we really desire? I think we do. I believe this leaves us with a lack of hope and "holes" if you will, in our hearts. It creates emptiness and lack of purpose. I have noticed that a majority of the problems I see were attempted repairs, fixes, or fillers for these holes...then gone wrong. Because we believe we are actually fixing the "hole" we continue to do the same thing over and over again, creating more problems.

What's my point about love then? I noticed that as people struggled to answer the question, many became emotional and saddened by their lack of answer. Then, a simple question would come out..."Do you just want to be loved?" Immediately tears would fall and their hearts would swell. If this is you, you can well attest to the pain that accompanies the exposure to someone else that you haven't been or are yearning to be loved. I know I have felt this way before. It's an empty feeling.

Therefore what?

The only real solution is love. I know it might seem cliche', but it's true. There is no substitution. Although we might temporarily mend our hearts through a chosen object, activity, person, or place, in the end, self-fulfillment comes with love. Here's the real kicker for me, however. Love is the only gift we receive by giving it. If we wait around to be loved, we will end up resenting those we fill should be loving us. When we pursue others in a sentiment of giving, we find that we actually have many great treasures to give, which fills us even more.

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