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"Why do you care who I am?"

I had a moment this week that took me by surprise. An individual had been in prison multiple times, shot at, stabbed, abused, neglected, and had endured pretty much any other horrific thing one can imagine. This person looked at me as I attempted to understand their experiences and asked very intensely, "Why do you care what I am?" This person then went on to tell me how worthless they were and that I would get off work, jump in my beautiful car (1998 Honda Accord 250k miles, ugly as sin), drive to my perfect family (I'm in my family, therefore, not perfect), and go on in my worry free life. At first I thought, 'wait a minute here...I've been through some stuff,' but then I decided to think about his question.

Why do you care what other people are? What are other people good for anyways? Why do we need people? Can't we just live our life with ourselves and be good? At first I was stumped a little. Such a simple question, yet I actually didn't know the answer. I then looked at him in the eyes, which was scary for both of us, and said, "I need you, because you have something to teach me...that's why I care about what you are." He actually stopped a second, as did I, but then he quickly turned the subject. I allowed him to, but I stole the diamond he had given me in session.

People are hope. People show us ourselves. People are definitions for God. People are dictionaries, whose experiences carry profound messages when shared. We usually don't listen long enough or care long enough to find the messages. When we do however, love is transmitted, judgement flees us, and we are free. Others become free, and relationships grow.

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