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 relationship. Let us help you create healthy ones.

You have one life, don't wait any longer to take control of your anxiety, Pornography addiction, & relationships

TO fix your problems, you have to have the correct tools

but there's a problem...

Understanding and managing emotion is really difficult

You're tired of endlessly earning and maintaining your worth

You believe you're beyond

help or understanding

You're ashamed to talk about

the problems you have

Facing your fears, trauma,

and worry is really difficult

You just can't communicate and connect with someone you love

Motyv will provide what you need to solve your problem. Here's what you do next 








Call or text the office number and our assistant will be in touch to get you set up for your first appointment.


Before the first session you will receive an emailed link to your client portal where you will have access to paperwork, online scheduling, directions to our office, and billing. 




Show up to the first session. That's half the work. Together, we will both seek the most complete understanding of what you want to conquer, and begin creating a plan of attack.  

If you want to change, you've got to do the homework.We will hold you accountable, because it's what you want and need, but you put in the work. You'll see the change..we promise!

Meet the TEam

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Aubrey Bio pic.jpg

Shayden J. Bertagnolli

MS, lmft, owner motyv

Steve Stringham

MS, lmft

Aubrey page

admin assistant



The guy is legit. He’s helped me to better understand myself and always adds unique perspective. He just gets it. He takes the time to listen and ask questions to genuinely know and understand you and your situation before trying to help solve all your problems, unlike a lot of therapists.

One of my favorite things working with Shayden is that he doesn’t want to see you once a week for the rest of your life. He wants to solve the problem with you, give you the tools to be able to handle life on your own, but is always there when you need him again


He has literally saved my life more times than I can count. I would not be where I am  without Shayden and his devotion.

I started seeing him during my marriage, then throughout a tough divorce , then as a single mom, and just a human with extreme anxiety. When I felt like I couldn’t keep going he helped me to know I could.

I wouldn’t still be here without him. Each client he gets is the luckiest.

I could never say enough good things and anyone that is looking for a therapist I highly recommend they go to Shayden. ❤️


Shayden is the one of the best therapist I have ever seen.

He is so caring and will do anything to help his clients out.

I have worked with him with depression and anxiety. He is so kind and listens and gives great advice. Anyone who is looking for a therapist...he's the one.

He is so family oriented and he really is just out there trying to help people. He is worth every penny he charges. I'm indebted to Shayden for everthing he has done for me.

Motyv Therapy.jpg

You came here thinking you needed to improve yourself, when in fact you need to accept yourself. 

-Shayden J. Bertagnolli MS LMFT

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